Amazing disappearances in the Bermuda triangle

Over the previous hundreds of years, numerous boats and planes have vanished or met with deadly mishaps in the triangular region on Atlantic sea named as the Bermuda Triangle. With a few cases, no hint of the boats and flying machine were discovered even after exhaustive quest operations were completed for hundreds and a huge number of square miles in the sea. Such occurrences of vanishings have been known subsequent to 1400s. There are different clarifications and speculations behind such episodes, as a rule. With that the occurrences have stayed unexplained. There are lots of incidents actually caused by this triangle. These are some of them.


One of the first tales joined with the legend of the Triangle. The USS Cyclops was the most well known boat lost in the district, which vanished in 1918.When sinking of that Cyclops stays a riddle, the episode could have happened anyplace in the middle of Barbados and Baltimore, not as a matter of course in the Bermuda Triangle. Defenders of the Bermuda Triangle hypothesis point to the absence of a pain call as proof of a magical give-up for the vessel; however the fact of the matter is that remote correspondences in 1918 were questionable. In 1963, the SS Marine Sulfur Queen, a tanker boat conveying liquid sulfur, vanished off the southern bank of Florida. The group of 39 was lost.

NC16002 was a DC-3 traveler plane that destroyed on December 28, 1948, amid a flight from Puerto Rico, San Juan, to Florida, Miami. The climate was fine with high deceivability and the flight was, by the pilot, inside of 50 miles from Miami when it vanished with its three team individuals and twenty-nine travelers.

The latest incident was the A-19 fishing boat owned by Glen Jamison in 2004. The boat was found 32 miles west to Florida, but the owner was missing.

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